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Weishaupt Scholars

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About the Weishaupt Scholars

Any powerful, secret organization needs new blood to survive. One such group has formed a scholarship -- the Weishaupt Scholarship -- and offers it to promising students. They get a free ride through college; in exchange, they perform missions for their Unknown Benefactors and go work for them after graduation.

The Cast

Janet O'Connor is probably the most agressive of the three - if there's a direct approach that will work, Janet will find it. As a pre-med student, she's a little touchy and competitive. Failure is simply not an option for her. Because of her drive and relentlessness, she secretly considers herself the leader of the team.

First Appearance: September 13, 2000

Hal (Harold Moore) has been playing the Conspiracy game for quite a while, and thinks he knows most of the moves. Upon learning that he's actually part of a real conspiracy, he's become slightly less happy about it. After all, he has an idea of what's really at stake. Due to his prior experience with similar matters, and his background as a history major, Hal secretly considers himself the real leader of the team.

First Appearance: September 15, 2000

Benj (Benjamin Lowell) is direct, but cautious. He is probably the most "normal" of the three Scholars, and he definitely has the most mundane life outside of his service to the Unknown Benefactors. In a crisis situation, Benj is generally the one that keeps the other two from destroying themselves; because of this, he secretly considers himself the real leader of the team.

First Appearance: September 13, 2000

Saint is probably not his real name -- in fact, it's unclear whether "Saint" is a code name or some sort of job title. He's the team's liason to Higher Powers, and little is known about him. Due to his position in the Weishaupt Foundation, Saint actually does lead Hal, Benj, and Janet, but he usually isn't present during their operations.

First Appearance: September 20, 2000

Speaking of Higher Powers, this shadowy figure -- call him X -- seems to be part of them. It is unknown what his place is in the Unknown Benefactors' organization, or how much of their plans he knows, or even if X is a "he."

First Appearance: October 13, 2000

For those of you who have to ask: In the late 18th century, Adam Weishaupt founded an offshoot of the Freemasons called the "Illuminati"; while they were swiftly shut down by the Bavarian government, the names persist to this day.

For those of you who don't: Assume nothing. I'm going to make sure that almost everything you think you know is wrong. Because otherwise, what's the point?

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