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Keenspot Comics

College Roomies From Hell!!! by Maritza Campos. Often called CRFH!!! for short. Fights with "It's Walky!" and "Sluggy Freelance" for the position of "Mike's favorite comic," and usually wins. Technical aspects of the art and writing are a little uneven at first (English is not her first language), but they sharpen quite rapidly. She also commands the most rabid fan base in online comics. Her "new reader" page says that if you don't start at the beginning you should start at "Test Date." I'd actually recommend "Sub-love-me-nal" instead, as it's both less intricately plotted and it begins to set up the avalanche of bizarre character changes that make CRFH!!! so cool.

Nukees, by Darren Bleuel. A comic strip about Nuclear Engineers at Berkeley, and, believe it or not, it's hilarious. Intelligent humor and vicious social satire sit side by side -- and even the craziest stuff there is barely parody. Well, there isn't a nuclear-powered killer robot ant under Etcheverry Hall. As far as I know.

Other Comics

Sluggy Freelance by Peter Abrams. If you read online comics at all, you don't just "not read" Sluggy. You have to have a reason not to, and those reasons are few and far between. If you haven't read it yet, go there, start from the beginning, and start burning through those archives. Even if you're put off a little, you can't turn away from it until you've at least read the first 8 chapters or so. Soon you, too, will Worship the Comic. I guarantee it. Let me make this fully clear: IF YOU ONLY READ ONE ONLINE COMIC, THAT COMIC IS SLUGGY. Period. This does not contradict my "favorite comics" above. It's daily, and generally looks and acts like a newspaper strip.

The Bad Boys of Computer Science, by Nick Yu. Long dead, but it still lives on in mirror sites!

Bob the Angry Flower, by Steven Notley. Come on. The title alone should make you want to check this out. Each strip stands alone as a timeless work of art. You simply will not find writing like this anywhere else, on the web or off. Follow this link to see my favorite panel transition of all time (the first two on the lower line).

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