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Weishaupt Scholars

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Weishaupt Scholars is an abandoned webcomic. It began on September 11, 2000, and was finally officially abandoned in early November 2002. The archives have been edited to only include the strips up through the end of its final complete, drawn storyline.

It has since been translated into a work of interactive fiction. Which is to say, it's been recast as a text adventure. This game may be downloaded from the Weishaupt Scholars homepage. It's compiled to the old Infocom story format---you'll need an interpreter to play it (also linked from the homepage, at least for Windows, Unix, and Mac) and once you've done so, much of the rest of the IF-Archive will lie open to you.

The game is now the "official" version of WS; this remains as an archive.

The author remains active on various projects: he maintains a LiveJournal which is mostly dedicated to status updates on them. He would like, in particular, to direct you to The Ur-Quan Masters project, which not entirely coincidentally began just as WS was abandoned. The game Sable may also be amusing.

References to WS survive the comic as well. Paragon City has seen a cell of the Weishaupt Foundation form, led by Janet herself. Hal has also made an occasional photo-op.

So that's it, basically. Feel free to read the archives, or head off elsewhere. It was a good run while it lasted.


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